Friday, 26 October 2012

Update - Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine alternative uses.

This is the latest version of the drum log store. The first one posed a small tripping hazard because of the use of pillar taps which are quite long and stick out a bit.  This has bath taps which are shorter but fatter and I think more suitable.  I was at the local transfer station where I had gone to look for taps and when I stopped my van there they were ready and waiting, remarkable what a little positive visualisation can achieve.  I did have to pay for them though, gone are the carefree days of wandering about on the nearest council tip from where I usually brought home more than I dumped.  All in the interest of recycling, health and safety (of course) and transferring: transfer from home to car, from car to appropriate skip, from skip to somewhere else and so on, that's how it works today.  Mustn't grumble though some kind of progess I suppose.

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